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Founder | Co-Owner


Suzanne has been in the horse world since she was a child. She trained under the instruction of Irish olympic rider Nole McGee.


As a very successful rider and trainer, Suzanne was fortunate to make a living off her lifetime passion as a horse trainer and equestrian instructor.


She has been a resident of Middletown since 1986, and since 1987 she has managed Newport Equestrian Academy in partenship with her daughter Kamala.


She passed along her love and respect for horses and the sport to her daughter Kamie, who has followed her steps to continue her legacy.


Head Trainer and Instructor | Co-Owner

Kamala has competed at the top Equitation level of USEF medal and ASPCA Maclay, she has also had tremendous success in the Hunter and Jumper ring. She teaches all types of riders from casual ,pleasure and trail riders, to advanced show jumpers.


Kamie has studied with top professionals and natural horsemen, always with the mindset that through the practice of different disciplines one can always learn something new. She greatly appreciates the individuality of each horse and firmly believes that such quality is what keeps the doors open to never stop learning.

"I love what I do everyday. I love teaching and sharing my passion with people."

- Kamala Duffy


What can you expect from Kamie in lessons?


Kamie is a very hard worker and she is very dedicated to her animals and her students. Safety and suitability is foremost, and Kamie believes in treating people with respect and using positive encouragement. Kamie expects her students to work hard and be goal oriented. She also tries to teach a progressive curriculum to bring their full potential out quickly. Kamie feels this works well for building students' confidence and or to strengthen their relationship with their horse.


Beginners Instructor


Betsy has been teaching and coaching for over 30 years. She graduated from Colorado College, with a BA in English, and she has a Masters in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education with a focus on counseling and children and adolescents at risk. 


Her love for horses started at a very early age when she was lucky enough to go to a day camp at a barn in Colorado. With time, she got a horse of her own and participated in 4-H. Her favorite thing to do as a child was to take Freckles for hours long rides in the woods and fields nearby. 

Since 2019, NEA has provided Betsy the opportunity to combine her skill as a teacher with her connection with horses. She loves teaching young, and not so young people, who are first finding that powerful connection with a creature so much bigger than they are. She also finds great joy in helping individuals struggling with anxiety and other challenges through the healing power of horses.  

"For some people like me, horses are magical;  We are drawn to them.  When I ride, my connection to the horse connects me to a calm center inside myself. The power and majesty of the horse slide into my psyche, and I too am strong and able."

- Elizabeth Barlett

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