About Us

Newport Equestrian is owned and run by Suzanne Hourihan and Kamala Duffy. They are a mother and daughter team who have managed the barn since 1987. In 1986 Suzanne and Kamie moved to RI to get a little slice of their own heaven and found it right here on Third Beach Road.

Suzanne has been in the horse world since she was trained by Irish olympic rider Nole McGee as a child. She was a very successful rider and trainer and loved making her living as a horse trainer and instructor because it was her passion in life. She has since retired from instructing and training but still competes at the local shows. She passed along her love and respect for horses to her daughter Kamie who has followed in her footsteps. 


"I love what I do everyday. I love teaching and sharing my passion with people."


Kamala has competed at the top Equitation level of USEF medal and ASPCA Maclay, she has also had a lot of success in the Hunter and Jumper ring. Kamala teaches all types of riders from casual pleasure and trail riders, to advanced show jumpers. She has studied with top professionals and natural horsemen, and feels that many different disciplines can teach her something new. One of the great things she feels about horses is that they are such individuals that she never stops learning.

What can you expect from Kamie in lessons? Kamie is a very hard worker and very dedicated to her animals and her students. Safety and suitability is foremost and Kamie believes in treating people with respect and using positive encouragement. Kamie expects her students to work hard and be goal oriented, she also tries to teach a progressive curriculum to bring their full potential out quickly. Kamie feels this works well for students who need their confidence boosted, or to work on their relationships with their horse.